BERG Extra Sport BFR-3

There is no stopping you on this BERG Extra BFR-3 Sport! This top go-kart has no less than three gears, a handy coaster brake and a freewheel so that you can take on any adventure. The cool reflector mudguards ensure that you are noticeable in the dark and that you do not get dirty when racing through muddy puddles. Make your BERG Extra Sport BFR-3 even more complete with all kinds of accessories like a car, a second seat, flashing lights and much more!
Manufacturer: BERGToys
Manufacturer part number:
$1,399.00 excl tax
excluding shipping

This classic go-kart is based on more than 25 year of manufacturing experience. You will feel, hear and see the benefits of that experience while driving this kart. The wheels spin smoothly thanks to the roll-bearings. Steering can be done with just one finger due to the double ball-bearing equipped steering mechanism. And it is definitely a safe choice since you have a back pedal brake. That gives you the opportunity to drive both forward and backward, and you also have a freewheel. The only thing you have to do is move your pedals. Easy, quick and safe.
The solid and durable frame guarantees many years of fun during summer, and all other seasons. There are many accessories available like passenger seats, trailers, flashlights and others. Let’s play outside together with your friends and explore the world!


• Equipped with the unique BFR hub, incorporating a back pedal brake, together with forward and reverse pedaling. For maximum safety forward and reverse are automatic with no need for a lever or switch.
• The freewheel means that the pedals do not turn when the kart is moving and you stop pedaling, giving a very safe ride.
• Many years of driving pleasure, from age 5 until even adult years.
• Adjustable seat can be set in 6 different positions.
• The wheels run fast and smooth due to the roll-bearing wheels. You can drive for hours without getting tired.
• The double ball-bearing steering mechanism ensures accurate steering and easy maneuverability.
• Perfect road holding and stability thanks to the swing axle.
• Extra grip and comfort due to air filled tyres.
• The easily accessible chain tensioner system allows you to tension the front chain quick and easy for optimal performance.
• The chain guard is designed to give easy access to the chains and hub within, to more easily perform maintenance
• Front wheel alignment can be easily adjusted by the adjustable steering bars.
• Parking brake for additional safety.
• CE certified.
• Can be stored upright, which is ideal if storage space is limited.
• Towbar comes as standard.
• BERG offers a range of accessories for additional playing fun.. Examples are: a passenger seat, trailer, front and rear li units, headlights and much more!
• Fenders at the rear to protect you and your clothes.
• Spoiler at the front makes it looks just like a real car.
• The BFR-3 system has three gears for optimal speed and comfort.
We have adjusted our go-karts so that most users will be able to pedal easy and comfortably. However, if you feel that it is too heavy to pedal your go-kart, we offer the possibility to purchase a different crank-set, which will makes pedaling easier.

Compatible with the following accesories:

18.08.00 - BERG Large Trailer
18.25.14 - Multi-Purpose Trailer (+ add-ons)
15.37.00 - Passenger seat Basic/Extra
15.63.11 - Roll bar O-Road
15.60.40 - Front Lift
15.60.30 - Rear Lift (Batch nr. 1401894 or higher)
15.60.50 - Lift Bucket (Add-on for Front lift or Rear lift)
15.60.60 - Bulldozer Blade (Add-on for Front lift or Rear lift)
15.60.55 - Pallet Fork (Add-on for Front lift or Rear lift)
15.63.41 - BERG heavy duty Brake pads
15.63.42 - BERG License plate kit
50.99.42 - Flag (excl. ag pole)
56.09.03 - Flag Pole
15.24.70 - Flashing Light On Pole
16.24.20 - Flashing light blue cover
15.24.80 - Flashing light for Roll Bar
15.99.00 - Go-Kart cover
15.24.10 - Siren
15.20.01 - LED Headlight
15.23.12 - Onboard Computer
15.20.45 - Light set
12.20.20 - LED Light (red)
15.20.10 - LED Light (white)
15.21.01 - Mirror set
15.24.02 - Two Tone Horn


Weight: 44,5kg
Max weight user: 100kg
Max height user: 2m
Cardboard in packaging: 7,4kg
Synthetic material in packaging: 1,1kg
Hardboard in packaging: 0kg
Tire type: Tubeless
Parental supervision required: YES

Packaging: 2 boxes

Box 1

Dimesions: 100 x 58 x 31,5cm
Weight: 21,5kg

Box 2

Dimensions: 100 x 58 x 41,5cm
Weight: 31,5kg

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Recommended user age:5-99 years
Weight:45 kg.
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