MOOV makes learning an exciting adventure!

BERG MOOV is a unique modular construction toy that allows children to build the most wonderful creations such as racing cars, scooters, lift bridges or wheelbarrows. They do this all by themselves without the use of tools, and the fantastic part is that they can actually play with these creations. MOOV combines building and playing!

MOOV is exceptionally well suited for schools and institutions that are not only focused on keeping kids busy, but also on stimulating and reinforcing their competencies as best as possible.

Educational values of Moov

Physical skills

      • MOOV stimulates gross motor skills and balance through playing and building
      • Children train their fine motor skills and hand - eye coordination by building MOOV
      • Children will play actively outside which decreases the chance of obesity and diabetes

Technical skills

      • MOOV stimulates children to invent their own creations
      • Children utilize their counting and mathematical skills during the building process
      • Children learn to follow instructions and using a manual

Creative skills

      • Because of the endless building possibilities of MOOV children are stimulated to use their imagination
      • MOOV educational activity stimulate children to solve problems in a creative way
      • Children will inspire each other with their creativity

Social and emotional skills

    • MOOV stimulates inclusive play & team building
    • When a child finishes MOOV they have a strong sense of achievement
    • MOOV stimulates self-esteem and well-being
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BERG MOOV Advanced Kit (7 in 1)

The MOOV Advanced kit contains more than 150 parts (incl. 120 rings). With these parts you can create at least 7 models (manuals included for these seven)!
$3,750.00 excl tax $310.00 excl tax excluding shipping

BERG MOOV Starter Kit (3 in 1)

The MOOV Starter kit contains more than 125 parts (incl. >80 rings). With these parts you can create at least 3 models: bike, crane, and carver (manuals included for these three)!
$2,750.00 excl tax $235.00 excl tax excluding shipping

BERG MOOV Street Kit (10 in 1)

The MOOV Street Kit contains more than 175 parts (incl. >100 rings). With these parts you can create at least ten models (manuals included for these ten)!
$4,500.00 excl tax $370.00 excl tax excluding shipping
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