BERG New Holland BFR-3 Promo

This BERG New Holland promo pedal go-kart includes the roll-bar and rear lifting unit for a total price of 1999 CAD, tax and transport excluded.
Manufacturer: BERGToys
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number:
$1,681.00 excl tax
excluding shipping

This blue diamond is ready to take on the farm challenge with you! The BERG New Holland has impressive tractor tires to give you the best possible grip and a swing axle to keep you firmly on the ground.

Thanks to the unique BFR-3 system and the three gears you will reach your destination in no time! Make your New Holland go-kart even more attractive with different accessories such as a lift bucket, pallet fork and rollbar with flashing light.

• Very robust frame making it even suitable for professional use.

• Equipped with coaster brake, hand brake and parking brake.

• Grows with you due to the adjustable steering wheel and saddle.

• The pneumatic tyres ensure extra comfort.

• The 4 wheels and swing axle keep you grounded firmly and safely.

• The BFR system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill.

Especially on the farm you can find the freedom and space to enjoy outdoor adventures. This BERG New Holland pedal go kart will support you during these adventures. It is an officially licensed product and the design is based on real New Holland tractors. It is equipped with impressive rugged tyres which have extreme grip on muddy surfaces. The coloring, decals and exhaust pipe make this kart a real New Holland for the young farmer and New Holland fan.

Don’t forget the ability to extend it with a front- or rear lift unit! Combined with the bulldozer blade, lift-bucket or pallet-fork. You can also add a roll-bar and flashing light. With this kart you can become the best farmer in your neighborhood. We are ready, are you?


• Equipped with the unique BFR-3 hub, incorporating a back pedal brake, together with forward and reverse pedaling. For maximum safety forward and reverse are automatic with no need for a lever or switch.

• The freewheel means that the pedals do not turn when the kart is moving and you stop pedaling, giving a very safe ride.

• Many years of driving pleasure, from age 5 until even adult years.

• Adjustable seat can be set in 6 different positions.

• The wheels run fast and smooth due to the roll-bearing wheels. You can drive for hours without getting tired.

• The double ball-bearing steering mechanism ensures accurate steering and easy maneuverability.

• Perfect road holding and stability thanks to the swing axle.

• Extra grip and comfort due to air filled tyres.

• The easily accessible chain tensioner system allows you to tension the front chain quick and easy for optimal performance.

• The chain guard is designed to give easy access to the chains and hub within, to more easily perform maintenance

• Front wheel alignment can be easily adjusted by the adjustable steering bars.

• Parking brake for additional safety.

• CE certified.

• Can be stored upright, which is ideal if storage space is limited.

• Towbar comes as standard.

• BERG offers a range of accessories for additional playing fun. Examples are: a passenger seat, trailer, front and rear lift units, headlights and much more!

• Official New Holland licensed product

• Realistic looking tractor tyres as standard. (extra large at the back!)

• The BFR-3 system has three gears for optimal speed and comfort. We have adjusted our go-karts so that most users will be able to pedal easy and comfortably. However, if you feel that it is too heavy to pedal your go-kart, we offer the possibility to purchase a different crank-set, which will makes pedaling easier

Products specifications
Recommended user age: 5-99 years
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