BERG Sunroof for Gran Tour

The BERG Sunroof for Gran Tour will help to protect the Gran Tour users from sun and rain. This way you can rent out the Gran Tour during more time of the year and make more revenue.
Manufacturer: BERGToys
Manufacturer part number:
$519.00 excl tax
excluding shipping

The roof is designed to be in line with the Gran Tour models, making the combination of Gran Tour and Sunroof an appealing set which really catches one’s eye. The sunroof will help to attract more visitors to your rental point. Also, the sunroof helps to increase the feeling of a safe drive for the front Gran Tour passengers, because they can hold on to the upright poles at the front.

USP’s/technical features

1. Long lifetime design: robust and very rigid steel frame with quality black powdercoat

2. Long lifetime orange fabric: very strong and waterproof

3. Easy fastening of the roof fabric to the frame with Velcro straps

4. Good 360° view around the Sunroof 5. Improved safe feeling for the front passengers because of safety bar to hold on to

6. Waterproof material for roof fabric

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