The most innovative and safest toys are made in Holland.

Leading the way in innovation

BERG Toys employs a large team of experienced designers and engineers to work on making continuous changes and improvements to our product range. We always follow the latest trends and developments and incorporate them into our new models. By doing so, we make our BERG range even better, more eye-catching and more fun. Whether we work on the technology, quality, ease of use or design, every innovation is focused on increasing the fun of the user.


Made in Holland

Not only do we design our own range of toys at BERG Toys, but we also manufacture most of them in our own factory here in Holland. Obviously, quality control is crucial. At BERG Toys we use the best quality materials and manufacturing techniques. We handle each step in the manufacturing process with great care and constantly check the results.


BERG Test Laboratory

Only absolute top quality is ever good enough. Good enough for us, but also for the kids who want years of enjoyment from our products. To guarantee this top quality, all BERG toys must satisfy the rigorous quality standards that we ourselves demand from our products. The quality control department of BERG Toys constantly checks to ensure that our products meet these standards. For example, we have our own test laboratory where we test our go-karts and trampolines under extreme conditions. We carry out various durability tests, crash tests, vibration that our go-karts and individual parts can be tested to their limits. In addition to the laboratory tests, the toys are also put through practical tests by the children themselves! This makes it possible for BERG Toys to guarantee kids years of fun with their toys.


Safety first

Children should be able to play freely with their toys without having to worry about their safety. That's why at BERG Toys safety is not open to discussion. Firstly, our high quality standards ensure that our go-karts and trampolines will keep going for years. Furthermore, during the development phase we keep a close eye on the safety of our products during usage. In addition to the safety tests performed by BERG Toys itself, our go-karts are regularly tested for safety by independent testing bodies in Europe, such as TUV and SGS. That's why all BERG go-karts display the CE quality mark for toy safety and that's why all BERG go-karts meet all the rigorous TUV standards with room to spare. Our trampolines have been approved by TUV and AIB Vincotte.


Respect for the environment

At BERG Toys we regard sustainability as very important. The durability of the product - how long it will last - is very important, but so is sustainability in terms of the environment. BERG Toys therefore carries out its manufacturing processes in as environmentally-friendly a way as possible. This applies, for example, to the paintwork on our products and the plastic parts that make up our go-karts. Furthermore we recycle as many left-over materials accrued during the manufacturing process as possible. In this way BERG Toys endeavours at all times to respect the environment we all live in. Now and in the future.


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BERG Balanz Bike Prof

$999.00 excl tax $810.00 excl tax excluding shipping


It all started with this go-kart model, also known as the classic among go-karts! Let the outdoor games begin!
$829.00 excl tax excluding shipping

BERG Black Edition BFR-3

Suitable for the most exciting adventures! The black version creates excitement in itself. Invisible in the dark, true adventurers will get off to a very smooth and fast start thanks to the three gears.
$1,519.00 excl tax excluding shipping

BERG Buddy Fendt

Your very first go-kart available in a real Fendt version!
$539.00 excl tax excluding shipping
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